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K. Jones on 11-10-2019
Not well made

Works fine right out of the box. Not sure how well its cleaning the air cause honestly I cant tell a difference. However the filter gets dirty so i know its doing something. Now for the BAD. It started making a terrible noise, like the fan was hitting something. I took it apart and the nut had backed off the main shaft and was bouncing around inside the machine. The hamster cage had been rubbing the inside of the front case. I repaired it with some locktite and it works fine now. Would not buy again.EDIT: the company reached out to me and shipped me a brand new unit. Excellent customer service and they stood behind their product, very impressed!
Vladas Krivickas on 12-10-2019
I noticed significantly less dust in the room

I almost left them a bad review... So I plug in the unit and everything looks great: it's super quiet, everything as described. I put it in the "auto" mode and the light is blue, which indicates that air quality is good. I live in Los Angeles and with all the talk about how our air is terrible, I expected to see the light to turn--at the very least--green or yellow. So I was just wondering if the thing was even doing anything? I left it on for another day. The first time I realized it's actually working was when I was cooking fish and there was quite a bit of smoke in the room. The light went from blue to green to red in a matter of minutes and the unit became noisier and it was obvious it's working hard. As soon as the smoke cleared, it went back to it's normal, quiet, state. But the best came in about three days. I noticed there was significantly less dust on my TV stand. Normally, it's all dusty in 3 days or so. There was hardly any dust in a week. So, it definitely works in filtering out dust, which is a win-win in my book: less cleaning and cleaner air to breath!
AW on 13-10-2019
Update: Important Tip

Just received the purifier today. It was easy to set up and right away it began working. The different options are very nice. The fan on high is very quiet so that is a plus.Will have to see within the next few days if I notice a difference in the air quality within my condo.Several months later...When I placed new filters into the air purifier, shortly thereafter the "change filter" light started blinking. Now I changed the original filters before the change filter light came on because I thought they looked in need of replacement. Every effort to reset the purifier was unsuccessful. Finally I emailed the seller and they provided excellent customer service. After going through the usual "Do you where the reset button is, etc.," the rep suggested I switch the purifier to auto mode while the purifier is running and then push the reset button. Voila! The light quit blinking immediately after blinking for a number of weeks.Tip: If the suggested steps to reset do not work as in my case, select auto with the machine running and hit the reset button. That should turn of the blinking light.I will say it is not clear to me why Levoit cannot design the reset button where it is more easily accessible or at least put a removable cover over the reset button.Nevertheless, I am extremely happy with this air purifier. This remains my favorite air purifier by far.
StefnBruce on 14-10-2019
Lavoit air purifier

We have been looking for an air purifier for quite some time, but always running into the same issues with this type of product. Mainly they are a fire hazard. Or way over priced for what you get, or un-user friendly and bulky. So, I just happened to be doing a little research and found this brand. First off there doesn't seem to be a fire hazard, the price was reasonable, you can easily move from room to room if needed, and a nice plus it was pleasing to the eye. Long story short...I took a chance and bought this one for the main traffic area and also purchased the smaller version for a back bedroom. We received both systems within a couple of days, after a brief review of the instructions they were setup and working perfectly and sooooo quite. Just as described by the seller. We've had them running constantly for about 4 days now. And we have experienced a dramatic reduction in the amount of dust and all the yucky, scary things you can't see. We aren't waking up coughing, stuffed up sinuses or a dry scratchy throat. Needless to say we are resting a lot better. In the end we liked this product so much that I purchased 2 more and probably will buy one for my son-in-law who suffers terribly every year from allergies.
Richard on 15-10-2019
Let’s just cut to the chase…

1. It has an auto feature that works independently scanning the air and runs settings as per air quality.2. HEPA filter and all that good stuff.3. Night mode (for silent air filtration)...although some prefer the fan in high to create ‘white noise’ in the bedroom.4. You can control the device and set schedules through an app on your iPhone/Android device.5. It cleans the air as described...and works pretty fast on high. I have BAD allergies and immediately noticed a difference in the room just setting the thing up out of the box a few minutes later.6. It displays an air ‘color coded cloud’ LCD image that visually represents the air quality.7. IT WORKS WITH ALEXA!This is a top notch item. We have a baby on the way, probably getting another.Negatives: Not all the features work with Alexa, but the most important do. Perhaps they can release an update in the future that further enhances this function.Result: 9.7 out of 10. It’s about as perfect as you can get. I’m a firm believer of this device.Get it and you’ll be glad you did...
Mikki Denson on 16-10-2019
I received my machine, followed the set up directions …

I received my machine, followed the set up directions, and the machine will NOT power on. I have tried 3 outlets and no luck. I'm not very impressed right now!**UPDATE** The customer service was fantastic! They sent out a new machine and it has been perfect since. I put the unit in my bedroom because it doesn't really make a lot of noise, so my sleep is not interrupted and I experience clean air. My allergies have seen a dramatic improvement at night! Thank you tot he Levoit Team for being so responsive!
Matt A. on 17-10-2019
Change filter indicator is apparently extremely conservative.

Had an unpleasant surprise when my purifier, which has been working fairly well in the two months I've had it, popped up the "change filter" indicator light on me. A representative from the company told me that it's based on running time, not the condition of the filter, so if the air quality is still good it can be reset. Upon checking, the filter was still in pretty good shape, so I'll keep resetting and see how long until the performance degrades. It's still doing a fine job cleaning the air and I haven't had any other issues with it.
Katie T. on 18-10-2019
Wish I would have bought this years ago!

This is one of the best purchases that I have ever made as a homeowner. I highly recommend it and wish I could give it more than 5 stars.We have four dogs and three cats in our home. I’m asthmatic and have bad seasonal allergies. I’m thankfully not allergic to my pets, but I’d obviously prefer to keep dander and hair to a minimum. Two of my dogs are breeds that are notorious for breathing issues - a pug and an English bulldog.Our house tends to be the hangout spot in the summer, and I bought the purifier right before our 4th of July party. I was worried that vacuuming and steam cleaning weren’t going to be enough for the large amount of company that we were having. It arrived the day before, and everything was great when everybody made their way over.My two main concerns were the air quality in my home, and trying to keep my house from smelling like cats and dogs. Using this purifier, in addition to keeping a regular cleaning schedule, has made the smell of animals almost nonexistent now. I feel like I’m breathing better, and I hope my four-legged buddies are as well.I spent a little bit more money on this one than some of the other I’ve looked at, and it was worth every penny. I can control it with my phone. I have the app and have also synced up IFTTT to automatically turn it on when the pollen count is high, and turn it up when the air quality drops to moderate in the house. I’ll be adding more shortcuts as I continue to expand my smart home gadgets.I feel like the sensors are pretty accurate. I have it in a central location in my home, between the kitchen, living room, and main hallway. It normally reads blue (best) or green (good.) It has dropped to moderate or bad air quality as a reaction to cooking smells, Febreeze, and cleaning out a nearby air vent. It neutralizes whatever it detects quickly.It’s also quiet, thankfully. The bulldog hates noise - he’s a rescue and I’m not sure what his life was like before we had him. He tries to attack vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, and can’t be in the same room with any noisy appliance. He tried to square up to this purifier a couple of times when I first turned it on, but he leaves it alone. It’s not any noisier than a floor fan.If you’re on the fence about buying this purifier, go for it. You’ll be happy that you did. It’s worth every last penny of the price tag.
roamieboy on 19-10-2019
Love it and it works really well for cigarette smoke

I just moved in with friends that smoke and have many dogs and I also have 3 caged birds and it seems to work great with the extra smells and keeping it nice in the room that I am staying in. So far I am very glad that I purchased this air purifier since I needed it for the cigarette smoke mainly and it is cutting down the smell to not even having that smell in the room I am staying in. I would like to see how it will take before I have to change out the filter. That will certainly make it or break it. I did already purchase a new set of filters, to have on-hand when I need to change them out.
DHH on 20-10-2019
Got Rid of Neighbor's Cigarette Smoke!

I live in a condo with a smoker next door and was tired of smelling his second hand smoke and even getting a raw throat from breathing that garbage into my lungs. I would usually open a window and let the furnace fan run to circulate the air, but it's been too cold in Wisconsin to do that. I was a bit reluctant to buy this as my condo is open concept with no separate rooms on the main floor (except a half bath) and open staircases to the basement and upstairs. I received this yesterday, set it up, turned it to high speed, and the cigarette stench was gone in 5 minutes and my throat isn't burning any more. I'm sure with the way my condo is set up, I'm not getting the full benefit of this air purifier, but it is doing what I needed it to do. Even running at high speed the fan is not overly loud. Highly recommend this air purifier.
Shirley Rodriguez on 21-10-2019
Lifesaver during horrible Seattle smoke!

This product has been a lifesaver! I bought a smaller Levoit unit for seasonal allergies + cat dander and that works wonderfully. When the smoke started getting too intense in Seattle though it wasn't enough and I ordered the larger unit LEVOIT LV-PUR131. So grateful that it works as promised! I was coughing and felt like I was choking last week but this week I can finally breathe again. Albeit I still can't get out of my apartment but at least in here I'm not having chest pains. I'm interested in seeing what the filters look like next week.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Doctor Dave on 22-10-2019
Annoying rattle even on the lowest setting

RATING UPDATED 02-21-18Last week I received an e-mail from the "Levoit Support Team" regarding the concerns in my original review. I was promptly sent a shipping label for the defective unit, and notified when a new unit was shipped. The new unit arrived about four days later, is much quieter even on the 3-fan setting, and I shipped out the original unit yesterday.Is this product effective? We were accustomed to easily seeing quite a lot of particles (dust) floating across the bedroom in morning as the sun light came through the window. Now it's very difficult to see anything.Great product, great customer support. 5-star review earned.###Started to hear a rattle from inside the unit less than a month after first use, and I'm assuming the noise is coming from a fan. It rarely ramps up from the lowest setting, which causes me even more concern - what will it sound like a month from now or when it speeds up to filter more particles.Otherwise the unit appears to work fine.Just to be fair, I'll give it another few days. If the noise persist, it's going back.
JayM on 23-10-2019
For my birds

I have 3 birds. 2 budgies. 1 cockatiel. Purchased on November because my room started getting extremely dusty after the 2 budgies moved in and my other baby cockatiel with her dander. It eliminated my bird smell in my room and it helped keep my room less dusty. So I didnt have to clean often. I did change the filters recently because I moved to a new house. New house new filter, why not? Check picture. Was on for 4-8 hours a day, 10+ on weekends.
Spatial Anomaly on 24-10-2019
It has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life.

About 10 months ago I suffered a pulmonary embolism. I already had a slight case of asthma but it was exercise induced and rarely bothered me. The damage to my lung though now caused asthma inflammation for anything airborn, especially pollen, mold, mildew, etc. I had not been able to take a proper deep breath for 10 months.I bought this air purifier honestly not expecting much. I'd had purifiers before and was less than impressed by any potential difference they made. But I was desperate to just breath normal again. I received the unit in perfect condition, well packaged. I had it assembled and running in under 10 minutes thanks to the simple instructions.The LED indicated that my air quality was great in my house. At first this dissapointed me and I figured again, not to expect to feel much different. However I have had it running for 5 days now and it has made a tremendous difference. I can breath again! This unit has almost completely removed any asthma inflammation from my airways. It is money very well spent.It also qualified for the energy star rebate from mass save, so 40 bucks back to me.I could not be happier!
Kelly on 24-10-2019
Quietly cleans air, automatically!

My husband and both our ferrets have severe allergies, so we bought this air purifier. All three have experienced a significant reduction in symptoms since we got this device. It may just be coincidence, but I doubt it.Features:- Fully auto function, device will come on & ramp up speed when it senses air quality has been reduced. The product description makes it sound like it just suggest a fan speed to you, but it will indeed actually turn itself on and off (if you leave it in auto mode).- You can also just turn the fan on to whatever setting you want, and set a timer to turn it off after a certain period of time. Not sure why you'd use this method over the auto function, but it's there.- SUPER easy to install & replace filters.- Air intake is on sides (not back), so you can put this fairly close to a wall if you have to.- Very quiet on lowest settings, still not very loud on highest setting.Setup:We are using this in our home office, which is about 130 square feet. It has a large opening (6x7 feet) with no door, which opens into a small dining area & our kitchen. We have an open floor plan, so really this thing has to deal with everything that floats through this side of our house. And yet it seems to do fine! We have it sitting on top of a two-drawer filing cabinet, right next to my husband's desk. This also puts it right next to the play-pen where our ferrets spend most of the day. Sometimes the air purifier comes on seemingly of its own volition - we think maybe crap blows in through our windows, which do not seal tightly. But it also comes on every time we cook, or when we have friends over who vape.Not only has this air purifier helped with allergies, but it also gets rid of lingering cooking smells too! Burgers smell good when you're cooking them, but the odor that permeates the kitchen for hours afterward isn't as nice. Previously we would light candles all over the house to try to get rid of old cooking smells, but now we don't even have to do that anymore. This thing comes on shortly after we start cooking the burgers, and runs on high until a while after we're done cooking. But when it spins back down, there's no burger smell left in the house!We're extremely happy with this purchase! We're considering buying another one for our bedroom, which will basically get the other half of the house. This air purifier isn't cheap, and nor are the filters, but it does such a great job, it's worth it!

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